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Benefits of Japanese Social Security Agreement with foreign countries

Want to know more about the International Social Security Agreement of Japan? Check out our video and get in touch with us at Seventh Sense Group!

The International Social Security Agreement of Japan is related to everyone who came from the agreement countries to Japan for work or to people who had worked in Japan before.

This agreement can eliminate dual contributions that the foreign workers paid for social security when they were working in Japan. Also, it can transfer the years where they paid social security contributions in Japan, to their home country’s. That way they can fill the years gap in their birth country’s pension system.

However, each country’s agreement differs. For example, the agreements with UK, Korea and some other countries, it only covers elimination of dual coverage. So it is better to check the agreements with great attentiveness.

Currently, Japan has Social Security Agreements with 22 countries and plus, with Italy the contract is signed and it is under preparation for implementation.

You can check your country’s agreement by the following link.

To learn more about it, check out our video and reach out to us at Seventh Sense Group!

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