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New Subsidy for SMEs and Sole Proprietors

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If your sales have been affected by Covid-19, you may qualify for a subsidy.

If your sales for any month from November 2021 to March 2022 have decreased by at least 30% as a result of Covid-19, you may be eligible for a subsidy.

The percent decrease is calculated compared to the same month for previous year, or the year before that.

There are two levels to the subsidy – one for a decrease of 30% to 50%, and one for a decrease of over 50%.

The subsidy is up to 2.5 million yen for SMEs, or up to 500,000 yen for sole proprietors. This depends on a variety of factors.

If you have any quetions, our friendly staff is happy to help! Feel free to contact us by phone, through our website, or on any of our social media platforms.

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