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Tax Implications of Cryptocurrency

Did you know that in Japan, cryptocurrency is considered an asset? This means that if you live in Japan (resident) and had your crypto earnings


Electronic Book Preservation Act

Before the 2022 tax reform, a business who wants to apply the Electronic Book Preservation act had to obtain approval from the local tax office.


Foreign Dependent Deduction

There are many deductions that can reduce your taxable income. One of these is the foreign dependent deduction. If you support your family who live


Individual Inhabitant Tax

There are several types of Japan’s inhabitant tax. If we look at it by location, there is the municipal inhabitant tax and the prefectural inhabitant


Income Tax – Insurance Deductions

Unlike other countries, Japanese tax law allows us to deduct life insurance premiums, earthquake insurance premiums and some other insurance premiums from our taxable income.


Company types in Japan

According to Japanese Company Law, there are 4 types of company in Japan.1. Stock Company – 株式会社2. Limited Liability Company – 合同会社3. General Partnership Company


Deductible Entertainment Expenses

If your company is a small and medium sized company (paid-in capital is less than 100 million yen and no relations with Large entities), you