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Branch Office in Japan

Last time we talked about opening a representative office in Japan. This time, let’s talk about the branch office. It is called “支店” (shiten) in


Gift Tax in Japan

Gift tax is triggered when you receive assets worth more than 1,100,000 yen from individuals. The threshold includes the total amount of all gifts you


Representative Office in Japan

One of the ways to expand your business in Japan is to set up a representative office (駐在員事務所). Compared to setting up a company, there


Director’s enrollment in insurance

Japan’s labor insurance system includes workers’ accident compensation insurance and unemployment insurance. Employers are obligated to enroll all workers, including part-time employees, to workers’ compensation


Company Formation Documents (part 2)

Last week we introduced the Articles of Incorporation. Another important document that you will need when you start a company is a Seal Registration Certificate.


Company Formation Documents (part 1)

There are many documents that are required when starting a company in Japan. One of them is the Articles of Incorporation. In Japanese, it is


Individual Income Tax 2023

An individual can file an income tax return from February 16 through March 15, 2024.There are 2 ways to file, online or in paper. If


Tax Implications of Cryptocurrency

Did you know that in Japan, cryptocurrency is considered an asset? This means that if you live in Japan (resident) and had your crypto earnings


Electronic Book Preservation Act

Before the 2022 tax reform, a business who wants to apply the Electronic Book Preservation act had to obtain approval from the local tax office.


Foreign Dependent Deduction

There are many deductions that can reduce your taxable income. One of these is the foreign dependent deduction. If you support your family who live


Individual Inhabitant Tax

There are several types of Japan’s inhabitant tax. If we look at it by location, there is the municipal inhabitant tax and the prefectural inhabitant