Accounting Services
in Japan

Bilingual support for companies and individuals

At Seventh Sense Group, our team is ready to provide bilingual support
in response to all your  financial and accounting needs in Japan.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Feel confident leaving receipts and documents written in multiple languages in the hands of our bilingual staff, and that all accounting support will be in the language of your choice.

Tax Filing Compliance and Financial Planning

Know you or your business is fully tax compliant, with tailored tax saving strategies and financial planning advice for your unique situation.

Payroll Services

We are experienced handling payroll for foreign residents, including residence tax and income tax implications, as well as payroll for individuals with family and dependents overseas.

HR Services

Our in-house Social and Labor Security Attorneys and Judicial Scrivener ensure any social insurance and labor insurance requirements will be handled fuss-free.

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