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Tax and Accounting resources to Establish and Expand your business in Japan

Penalty Tax

If you miss the deadline for filing your income tax return, penalty tax will be levied.


Social Insurance

The two main systems when it comes to social insurance in Japan are comprised of Pension insurance and Health insurance. If you own a company


Director’s Bonus

If your company has decided to set up a director’s bonus, the tax office can be notified within one month after the shareholder’s meeting. However,


Sole Proprietorship: Blue Tax Filing

If you are looking to establish a sole-proprietorship in Japan, you should also consider applying to become a blue tax filer to lower your taxes.


Tax Issues for High Salary Earners in Japan

Most employees in Japan do not have to handle their taxes, because their company reports to the tax office at the end of the calendar year. However, if you earn more than 20 million yen annually, you are required to file a tax return.