Frequently Asked Questions

General F.A.Q.

The Seventh Sense Group has multiple Certified Public Accountants, Certified Financial Planners, Labor and Social Security Attorneys, as well as a certified Administrative Scrivener.

Please fill in your details on the contact us page. Our fees vary depending on the type and scale of services required, so we recommend requesting a free initial consultation.

Of course! Please fill in your details on the contact us page, and we’ll get back to you to discuss how we can help you.

We regularly meet with clients via Skype or Zoom. Even if you live outside of Japan, or can’t come to our office because of scheduling difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Accounting Services F.A.Q.

We regularly provide financial statements and legal documents in English. For other languages we offer support in, please check out our meet the team page.

We regularly provide to our clients financial statements (決算報告書), Legal Record Total Table (法定調書合計票), and Withholding Tax Slips (源泉徴収表).

We pride ourselves in being able to offer full-service accounting using our expertise, as well as our extensive network of legal, financial, and other professional services.

We’re actively working to simplify managing finances for our clients by taking full advantage of online cloud accounting software such as Freee and MoneyForward.

While we handle Japanese income tax returns for foreigners living in Japan, or overseas with Japanese income tax filing obligations, we do not handle tax returns for other countries.

Company Establishment F.A.Q.

One month minimum; we recommend setting aside at least two months for establishment.

No, you can establish a company in Japan from overseas.

Of course! Any areas we cannot confidently advise you on, we will call upon our connections in the legal field, to ensure you are getting the best possible advice, quickly and seamlessly.

We have close ties with the financial sector, and have been successful in helping many of our foreign clients open up corporate bank accounts.

Once your company was been incorporated, we offer support to submit all initial notifications to ensure tax compliance. We also offer full-service accounting to meet all your business needs.

For more information, please see our company establishment page, or contact us directly.

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