Company Establishment
in Japan

Multilingual consulting for those looking to establish a company in Japan

Our team at Seventh Sense Group offers multilingual guidance through all the steps
of incorporating your company in Japan, as well as all post-incorporation procedures.

The planning stages

Whether it be choosing between a Godo Kaisha (合同会社) and a Kabushiki Kaisha (株式会社), or whether a Business Management visa is right for you, Seventh Sense Group has the experience and professional network to provide detailed advice every step of the way.

Getting your business off the ground

We always recommend allocating at least two months for incorporation, but it may take longer depending on your situation. We’ll make sure you’re updated at every stage, and that the mountain of Japanese paperwork is never overwhelming.

Keeping your business on track

Once you’ve successfully incorporated, we will help you ensure your company is tax compliant by filing all necessary post-incorporation paperwork. We offer the financial and accounting services to keep your business running smoothly, and our connections in the financial sector have been successful in assisting our clients open corporate bank accounts.

For general advice, please see our F.A.Q.

Your Company in Japan

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