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Dormant company

You can make your company dormant in Japan by submitting the form to the relevant authorities. As the company has no profits, there won’t be


Incorporation costs

What are “Incorporation costs” The costs you have paid for the incorporation process. These include: Incorporation costs, also known as start-up costs, organization cost as


Deductible Entertainment Expenses

If your company is a small and medium sized company (paid-in capital is less than 100 million yen and no relations with Large entities), you


Tax Reduction 2024 in Japan

The Japanese government will introduce the Flat-rate Tax Reduction in June 2024. This tax cut is designed to reduce the tax burden on employees due


Interim Tax (Japanese taxes)

Interim tax In Japan, individuals who are required to file a tax return must do so by March 15th each year. When they file, if